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Bending the Healthcare Cost & Access Curves
March 18, 2021
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There are few people as dedicated to transforming healthcare as our friend Glen Tullman. Glen is well-known in healthcare circles and beyond for having successfully taken three companies public in the healthcare space. Those companies spanned the spectrum of solutions for the industry, addressing everything from practice management and electronic health records to subscription services and, most recently, chronic conditions with a company he co-founded with GC’s Hemant Taneja called Livongo.

With Livongo they delivered highly-personalized, mobile-first technologies to help people with chronic conditions live less-burdened, healthier lives. And they did just that, reaching hundreds of thousands of people via the Livongo platform and services. In 2019, Livongo became one of the largest consumer digital health IPOs in history, and in 2020, the company merged with Teladoc in a transaction valued at $18.5 billion.

Today, Transcarent, a company also co-founded by Hemant, announces that Glen is joining as CEO, reteaming Glen, Hemant and GC as a lead investor once again. With Transcarent, they aim to build a comprehensive, consumer-directed health and care platform for employees of self-insured employers and their families.

Self-insured employers, who pay for almost half of the healthcare expenditures in the US, have seen costs escalate year after year without corresponding improvements in the quality of care. While employers attempt to offer their employees access to best-in-class healthcare services, the result for employees and their families is often fragmented experiences that are confusing to use and have little impact on health outcomes or cost.