Michal Borkowski

CEO, Brainly

Michal Borkowski is the CEO of Brainly. Michal is responsible for Company Strategy, Product Strategy, Culture & Structure, and takes care of International Expansion. Michal holds a bachelors degree in Corporate Finance from Warsaw School of Economics.

Before Brainly, Michal co-founded Q&A networks, and found that subject-specific Q&As perform better than general Q&As. That was the original inspiration for Brainly.

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Tomasz Kraus

CTO, Brainly

Tomasz Kraus is the CTO of Brainly. Tomasz is responsible for Product and IT, and strongly engages in Company Strategy. Tomasz holds master degree in Computer Science from AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. Actively doing business since high school. Before Brainly, Tomasz co-founded IT & SEO agency (2006), and have been developing various projects for clients and for the founders. That was a perfect match for Michal’s vision.

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General Catalyst Team