Hooman Radfar

Co-Founder & CEO, Collective

Hooman Radfar is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder and CEO of Collective. He previously co-founded AddThis (exit: Oracle), the largest platform on the web, to help drive traffic and engagement for marketers.  He was also a founding partner at Expa, a platform started by Uber co-founder Garrett Camp, to support entrepreneurs by building and investing in their companies.  He was an early investor and adviser in category-defining companies like Uber, Hinge, Sweetgreen, Onfido, and Convoy.  Hooman co-founded Collective to create a better future workplace by supporting the largest class of entrepreneurs in the world – businesses-of-one. 

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Ugur Kaner

Co-Founder & CPO, Collective

Ugur Kaner is the co-founder and CPO at Collective. He’s designed and built award-winning products over the past 15 years. With his experience working with some of the world’s most innovative companies, including Udemy, Google, Angry Birds, and Nokia, Ugur is an expert in designing scalable systems that work seamlessly across platforms. Beyond that technical experience, Ugur knows what it’s like to be self-employed as he has been for the past decade.  His mission is to democratize financial tools so that any person – not just corporations – can succeed in business.

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Bugra Akcay

Co-Founder & CTO, Collective

Bugra Akcay is the co-founder and CTO at Collective. Bu believes that through Collective, intelligent technology, folks will be able to focus their energy on their passion, not their paperwork and taxes. He is an experienced computer engineer, expert in the semantic web, web services, and intelligent software agents. He has designed and implemented scalable software systems that enable third-party systems to inter-operate seamlessly with smart machine-to-machine communication, as well as intelligent monitoring and intelligent decision support systems. And he has built and guided large technology teams to solve complex problems that require an eye for details, speed, and perfection.

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