Brian Dye

CEO, Corelight

Brian is a veteran of the security industry, with a breadth of leadership experience across both scaled and newly developed product lines ranging from infrastructure security, information security, cloud security services, and security management. He joined Corelight from McAfee, where he was executive vice president of the Corporate Products Group, leading their global corporate security product portfolio. Prior to that, he led the Mobile Platforms group at Citrix and spent more than a decade at Symantec Corporation, culminating as senior vice president of the Information Security Group. Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Gregory Bell

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Corelight

Before joining Corelight as CEO, Greg served in a series of leadership roles at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Director of the Scientific Networking Division, Director of the US Department of Energy’s high performance mission network ESnet, and Chief Technology Architect in the Office of the CIO. As ESnet Director, Greg oversaw deployment of the world’s first 100G network at continental scale, the world’s first 400G production link, and many other networking and systems innovations in support of data-intensive science. Greg also serves on the board of CENIC, the high-performance public network interconnecting 20 million Californians (including the vast majority of K-20 students) and vital public-serving institutions. Greg has a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and an A.B. from Harvard.

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Robin Sommer

Co-Founder & CTO, Corelight

Robin is co-founder and CTO at Corelight, a prominent computer science researcher, and long-time open-source lead for the Bro project. Robin received his doctorate from the Technical University Munich, completed his postdoc at the International Computer Science Institute, and subsequently joined their Networking and Security Group as a staff researcher. At ICSI, Robin has a range of research efforts on network security and privacy, with an emphasis on high-performance network monitoring in operational settings. Robin also holds a position as an affiliated researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he works with the cybersecurity team. Among other roles, Robin has served as General Chair for the IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy, as well as on program & steering committees for many security conferences.

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Seth Hall

Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist, Corelight

Seth is co-founder and Chief Evangelist at Corelight, and a key contributor to the open-source Bro project—responsible for various frameworks, parsers, and Bro scripts in widespread global deployment. Seth is a frequent source of wisdom and advice on the Bro mailing list, where he has helped hundreds of organizations deploy Bro and use it more effectively. Seth also has an appointment in the networking group at the International Computer Science Institute. Before joining ICSI, he worked as an incident responder for a large university, and in private industry. Many of the insights Seth learned operationally have found their way into features and capabilities of Bro and the Corelight Sensor. Seth often describes himself—accurately—as Bro’s biggest fan.

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Vern Paxson

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Corelight

Vern is co-founder and Chief Scientist at Corelight, and Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley. A prolific and internationally-recognized researcher, Vern also leads the Networking and Security Group at the International Computer Science Institute and for decades held a position as a Staff Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His wide-ranging research interest include Internet measurement, high-performance network monitoring, detection algorithms, and combating cybercrime, censorship, and abusive surveillance. In 2006 Paxson was inducted as a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). In 2011 he received ACM’s SIGCOMM Award, which recognizes lifetime contribution to the field of communication networks, “for his seminal contributions to Internet measurement and Internet security, and for the distinguished leadership and service to the Internet community.” His work has also been recognized by ACM’s Grace Murray Hopper Award and by the 2015 IEEE Internet Award. He won Best of Show in the 1992 International Obfuscated C Code Contest but promises that he exercised a more sustainable coding discipline in implementing the Bro network monitoring system, which he began developing in 1995. Paxson earned his undergraduate degree from Stanford University and his Ph.D. from the University of California Berkeley.

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