Arik Shtilman

Co-founder & CEO

Never satisfied with the status quo, Arik sees the opportunity in Fintech going beyond the need to disrupt financial services. Enterprises need to be able to think, develop, and launch localized financial services that can scale at a global level, directly from the cloud. He set about building a world-class team to deliver on this vision in 2015 and believes the future of financial services should be democratized for any business that wants to take part in global commerce. Arik founded ITNAVIGATOR a cloud-based contact center and unified communications platform which was acquired by Avaya in 2013.

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Omer Priel

Co-founder and VP of Business Development

Always looking for the win for all sides in a deal, Omer believes that for fintech-as-a-service to really take off, a global eco-system of collaboration is needed. Omer’s passion is to facilitate businesses and consumers meeting in the global marketplace for any type of commerce, a critical element of Rapyd’s success. Prior to co-founding Rapyd, Omer led the worldwide presales and business development team for ITNAVIGATOR and has extensive international experience working with advanced business and technical teams in cloud computing environments.

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Arkady Karpman

Co-founder and VP of Research and Development

Arkady’s love of technology is manifested in the sheer ambition of what Rapyd represents. Arkady’s experience in the development of large scale cloud-based computing platforms makes the Rapyd mission possible. Arkady managed a variety of software engineering teams while at Avaya. Prior to that, he led the research and development team and managed software engineering while at ITNAVIGATOR.

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General Catalyst Team