Alexandre Momeni

Investment Team

Health Assurance

As a second-generation Iranian immigrant, Alex was always aware that much of the world’s population faces tremendous challenges. He started his career at Goldman Sachs in London with the ambition of leveraging capital markets to help transform the developing world. But his motivation for transitioning into healthcare was personal – like many, he watched a close family member receiving critical care in a clinical setting and realized just how vital it was to help transform the overall healthcare system.

Seeing technology as a more powerful vehicle for change, he pursued an advanced degree in machine learning at École Polytechnique in Paris and was fortunate to spend six months as a visiting researcher at Stanford. That experience inspired his entrepreneurial side and led him to join Nabla, where he built product lines that empowered doctors to be more effective and accessible for underserved populations.

Alex’s experience on the launch team of a mission-driven healthcare start-up showed him that it’s not only possible to create companies in venture that benefit large populations – it may be the fastest route we have to drive meaningful, scalable impact. He came to see that relationships are the most important form of capital, and that shifting from the entrepreneur seat to the investor seat would enable him to bring his knowledge and passion for partnership to many more founders and their teams.

At GC, Alex focuses on investing in healthcare companies addressing big problem sets and big opportunities, not just in Europe but around the world. And while he can draw deeply on his product and financial background, he views empathy, curiosity and resilience as equally important for achieving the ultimate goal of transforming healthcare from a “sick care” system into a Health Assurance system designed to help people stay well, bend the cost curve, and make quality care more affordable and more accessible to all.

For a change of pace, Alex plays competitive sports, goes to the theater, reads books about inspiring leaders, and supports NGOs bringing health tech to the developing world.