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Amrita Mainthia
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Amrita Mainthia

I am always asking questions because questions lead to answers that inform a way forward. What do our founders need? Our limited partners? Our society? I am driven to meet these needs with the same level of innovation that our entrepreneurs bring to their own companies.

One of the formative professional experiences in my career was working on GE’s divestment of GE Capital. The size and complexity of the transactions, the number of stakeholders involved, and the communications challenges were massive, but what impressed me most were the leaders who maintained their integrity and authenticity throughout, with everyone from investors to employees to regulators. My experience there inspired me to continue building the skills I would need to become that type of leader.

At General Catalyst, I have the opportunity to support our investment team and portfolio companies in their quest to reshape markets and industries. Using my experience in journalism and communications, I test business strategies by shaping the stories around them. Stories are how we communicate what matters to us, and the right story about a strategy can influence how we make decisions and develop our business. Done well, stories inspire others to join in our mission. Every successful founder knows this from experience, and I love bringing this perspective to our fundraising efforts and relationships.

Outside the office, I spend time mentoring college seniors as part of my alumni involvement with Syracuse University. You can often find me trying new recipes, reading long-form thought pieces, and slowly reacquainting myself with life as a California resident.

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