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Anthony Dell

"Albert Einstein once said, ‘I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.’ This inspires me to listen and discover how I can support new ideas and new businesses. Innovative breakthroughs need legal, financial, and operational rigor to reach their full potential – and the formula is rarely the same twice.”

I come from a long line of engineers so I look at language as structure, like computer code. That is why I went to law school; the law is language engineered precisely to express a certain philosophy about how the world should work.

During law school, I got a job at an investment firm and was pleasantly surprised to discover that finance is so interesting. The ultimate success measures are quantitative, but everything else is communication: the better your story, the better your results — whether you’re pitching a stock or a start-up idea.

Working for Fidelity, Russell Investments, and Ares Management was like being a kid in a candy store. Markets were changing and new business models were coming forward, all in an environment of evolving law and regulation that had to be understood and followed with a high level of sophistication. I continuously educate myself so I can stay at the leading edges of law, finance, and technology.

This perspective is what brought me to General Catalyst. Compliance is not just a fancy word for “don’t break the rules”; it’s about enhancing enterprise value to attract the best investments, investors, and people.

I graduated with a BA from Boston College, a JD from Suffolk University Law School, an LLM from BU School of Law, and 2 Certificates from MIT. Outside of work I am happily devoted to family. My wife and I love to take the kids to Vermont, especially when there’s snow on the slopes, and we love to spend time with our “clan” of family and friends. I still write and draw to keep both sides of my brain happy, and my family supports charitable organizations that have touched our lives in meaningful ways.

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