Arum Lee Lansel

Lee Lansel

HR & Executive Talent


My background is in international development and philanthropy – which turn out to have a lot in common with venture investing. In my work overseas running projects for USAID, and then for the David and Lucile Packard Foundation in Silicon Valley, I partnered with entrepreneurial organizations across the globe with the potential for transformative societal impact, martialing the right combination of funding and other key resources, and supporting leaders in achieving their vision.

Another foundational experience in my career is learning the importance and impact of human relationships. How people treat each other is powerful! I have been fortunate to observe, up close and in a wide range of organizational cultures, that people achieve so much more when they feel fulfilled and respected. I have a personal passion to enhance that aspect of any organization I am in because I have seen the positive impact it can make on teams, company cultures, and business outcomes.

At General Catalyst, I am focused on learning and development, ensuring that the team is constantly expanding and enhancing their knowledge and skill-sets. The firm’s collective learning and development is an important component in discovering and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. Further, I look forward to helping our portfolio companies develop their human capital strategies, which are just as important as technology and market strategies.

My outlet away from work is my family. My husband and my two young children love to get outdoors for hiking and camping, and have a goal to visit every national park. I’m also a fan of strategy board games, so if you have any favorites to recommend, please let me know. Another passion is sitting on the Board of Choshen Farm, a community-based nonprofit in rural Zambia.

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