Candace Richardson


Investment Team


I grew up in Asheville, North Carolina watching the news every night believing I would become a journalist, keen to have a grasp on what was happening around the world and why. After moving to NYC for college I continued on this pursuit academically, studying economics, philosophy and history but my career aspirations evolved, and like many at that age I entered an exploratory phase professionally. After discovering that my mother had been a political activist in Ethiopia before she emigrated, I traveled there with her to create an oral history project on the role of secondary students in the Ethiopian Revolution, and that got me thinking about a career in academia. I also spent time at a think tank to explore economic policy at the federal and state level. In the end, I received and followed wise advice that a career in finance would keep me connected to current events, and the integral role capital markets play in shaping them, while affording me the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Beginning my career at Goldman Sachs, I got a fast, immersive education in healthcare finance across the capital structure. I furthered my interest at Town Hall Ventures, where I was able to work closely with companies that serve medically vulnerable and historically underserved patient populations. And because the firm was relatively small, I was able to contribute across a range of essential activities, from raising a fund and portfolio management to observing boards.

General Catalyst has a tremendous opportunity and influence in healthcare, including how care is delivered and paid for successfully, and equitably, for all stakeholders. The firm also has deep technology and consumer experience that is essential to the transformation of healthcare from a “sick care” system to a more proactive and resilient Health Assurance system designed to make quality care more affordable and accessible to help people stay well.

It’s probably no surprise that I enjoy tackling big problems that require extensive collaboration to dissolve barriers and create new solutions. I think of it as a combination of lofty and grounded, creative and practical. It’s the same in my personal life, where you can find me painting one day and teaching tennis to kids the next.