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I've always appreciated the richness of experience that comes from contrast. I explored duality at Harvard, where I studied computer science and mathematics. There, I complemented my studies by writing satire for a comedy publication and playing matchmaker to college students across the country with an algorithm-driven service.

Contrast also fuels my enthusiasm for creating tech-enabled solutions, which my career reflects. Technology and quantitative analysis can provide the strict rigor of truth and the creative exploration needed to solve problems across industries, a harmony between discipline and playfulness that I appreciate. Previously, I worked in the trading department at Bridgewater Associates and was a founding engineer on the data team of an enterprise MLOps startup. I've also worked at Microsoft and at a burgeoning startup as employee #10, which was later acquired by Slack. Through my previous roles, I expanded my interdisciplinary knowledge and was ready for a new challenge.

At General Catalyst, I apply my enthusiasm and quantitative skills to innovate the scaling of growth-stage companies. I'm excited about the opportunity to lead the evolution of the traditional model for funding company growth. Away from work, I enjoy running outdoors and connecting with the arts through the Metropolitan Museum's philanthropy circle. I'm also admittedly a serial experimenter with fledgling projects, including a kombucha business.

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