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Daryl Tol served for two decades in the C suites of regional and national healthcare organizations, yet he describes his favorite work as helping patients find services they lack, new forms of advocacy, and enhanced transparency. He sees Health Assurance as a fundamental formula for human thriving – meaning there are many levers for reducing friction, inefficiency, and cost while increasing innovation, collaboration, and effectiveness of care. 

At Advent Health, where he ran one of the largest hospital systems in the US, Daryl’s focus included identifying the frustrations patients should never endure, and then recasting them as a set of positive experiences patients should come to expect. With his national perspective embracing people, facilities, science, technology, finance, policies and payments, he convened the conversations necessary for advancing this mission.

Daryl leads General Catalyst’s Health Assurance Ecosystem, which aims to merge the best ideas, processes and technologies from emerging entrepreneurs and forward-thinking healthcare systems. His role is to help develop a number of model transformations with healthcare organizations that prove the health assurance thesis: Healthcare can deliver better outcomes at lower costs while attracting new talent and investment to one of the most important and vibrant industries in the world. 

Away from work, Daryl gets outdoors, preferably on the water or a mountain, or he travels to immerse himself in foreign cultures. He continues to advise the pioneering mental health non-profit One Mind, focusing on global efforts around improving mental health in the workplace.