Elena Viboch


Investment Team


In the life sciences, every day holds the opportunity to transform medicine. I always wanted to be a scientist, and I became curious about the path that connects basic research to biotechnology products. That interest led me to a job with a biotech venture capital firm. I was able to work closely with entrepreneurs and help them bring their work from idea to execution to impact.

My experience gave me a lot of empathy for what it takes to commercialize biotechnology products. After holding corporate development and operations leadership roles, I joined SoftBank. I led a team focused on life science investing, over the course of three years helping to build the Vision Fund’s portfolio with 12 health technology investments.

I joined General Catalyst for the opportunity to help fulfill the promise of health assurances — investing in technology that provides access to affordable care and helps people stay well. As an investor, I’m always hoping to meet founders with a passion for transformative science who are working on problems that address significant unmet medical needs.

When founders go after hard technical challenges with the goal of saving lives, they can deliver meaningful change. I love working with founders who focus on delivering a positive impact on human health and creating lasting businesses.

My research focus was translational biology and I have an MS from Johns Hopkins, an MBA from Harvard and a BA from Swarthmore. I’m passionate about helping women in science to advance their careers and their companies. I love music and try to find opportunities to sing whenever I can, and I also enjoy swimming and hiking through the Bay Area.