Harry Elliott

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San Francisco
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As a British native and former Stanford intercollegiate debater, Harry Elliott believes in the beginner’s mentality: starting from first principles and basic questions to achieve decisive clarity on problems that are new or have few historical precedents.

After Stanford, Harry put this mentality to work at Goldman Sachs, developing new and customized financing solutions for emerging asset classes and younger companies than would traditionally seek out bank debt. Harry then moved to Verkada, a growth-stage security business that had reached product-market fit and was ready to scale. As Director of Demand Generation, Harry drove Verkada’s growth across regions and sales channels through a combination of quantitative analysis and creative experimentation.

At General Catalyst, Harry brings his blend of financial analysis and operating company experience to help growth-stage companies scale quickly and tackle demand generation challenges. Away from the office, Harry enjoys hiking in Northern California with his wife and two dogs, and working on weekend DIY projects.

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