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Jon Rehagen

Jon Rehagen
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Jon Rehagen

“Having spent the majority of my life working with technology, I love helping companies build systems that enable people to work more efficiently so they can focus on running their businesses."

One of my first entrepreneurial experiences came just a year after I graduated from Newbury College near Boston. I had studied management information systems, and my team recommended I try IT consulting. I took this advice, and it was sink or swim. I swam. Now when I meet entrepreneurs connected with General Catalyst who are having their own sink-or-swim moment, it’s a thrill to be one of the people in a position to help them succeed.

I support everyone at the firm as well as the startups we invest in, so my skills and experience all come into play. I get to be both systematic, relying on strong methodologies, and flexible, tailoring the solution to the situation. My passion is sharing my knowledge and helping others, whether it’s by working together to tackle a challenge or coming up with a solution that helps people run their businesses better.

Venture capital is a competitive business, and IT is table stakes, so everything has to work, all the time, for people who might be getting on a plane to anywhere in the world. Availability and security are my highest priorities. When new companies get formed in our offices, I’m usually the person who sets them up. I’ve been at General Catalyst long enough to remember configuring the first two computers and domains for the founders of KAYAK, and supporting Rob Gierkink to get ready to launch Datalogix.

I was raised in a small town in Maine, and I bring those values to my high-tech work: listening, caring, looking for common ground while also appreciating individual differences. On the weekends, I love road trips, cooking, reading, and kicking a soccer ball around the park with my wife. I also enjoy getting out on the golf course – a great way to combine a little business with pleasure.

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