Lydia Liu


Investment Team


Lydia Liu studied economics at the University of Chicago, knowing she would be challenged to think critically about business while mastering the school’s renowned core curriculum. Completing a double major that included psychology, Lydia gained a foundation in the rational models of economics and a drive to understand what makes humans so individual and entrepreneurial in their choices.

This turned out to be an excellent preparation for starting her career in the General Practice and Private Equity Groups at Bain & Co. where she thrived on the challenge of swiftly assessing healthcare companies, people, and teams for their opportunities and ability to execute on them. She also quickly developed her ability to sense and support the creative tension between the need for near-term tactics and the longer-term strategies and perspectives required for building enduring value.

Lydia joined General Catalyst to help achieve its mission to transform healthcare from a “sick care” system to a resilient, proactive system designed to help people stay well, bend the cost curve through innovation, and make quality care more affordable and more accessible to all. She applies her quantitative and empathic skills, recognizing that a more cost-effective, wellness-based healthcare system needs both smarter economics and deeper humanity – and that its leaders will make their decisions based on more than the numbers.

A passionate sudoku player, Lydia also loves great stories in all forms – fiction, documentaries, podcasts and more. A life-long dancer in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional Chinese, she still gets into the studio for class. She gives back to the community through pro-bono projects with non-profits across a variety of areas, including mental health and affording housing.

Health Assurance
San Francisco