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I grew up wanting to work in sports. Of course as a kid you think about sports in athletic terms: the game and how it’s played. As an adult, you learn that running a sports team is also a complex financial endeavor with sophisticated investors. So I went to Boston College to study finance, but my internships were somewhat unconventional: Major League Baseball, the Boston Red Sox, and a venture capital firm called General Catalyst. 

That last one was really great, but when I graduated I went to work for a minor league hockey team instead. Fortunately, that turned out to be great preparation for coming back to General Catalyst as an analyst. Running a small-market team is a full-court press; you’re interacting with players, owners, competitors and the community. You wear all your hats all the time. I found that to be true of the best investors as well. You have to understand all aspects of business, be able to talk to anyone, and know how to connect the dots.

I moved into investor relations with General Catalyst because I love the teamwork it requires and introducing investors to our mission of backing companies that make the world work better. Raising funds in today’s constantly changing landscape of finance and technology is the kind of challenge I enjoy. As in sports, there are always new rules and obstacles in front of you, and you have to embrace them rather than fight them. Then you can turn them into competitive advantages.

While developing my investor relations skills on the job, I also completed my law degree at Suffolk University.  Outside of the office, I am a passionate Boston sports fan, avid golfer, and enjoy getting away to the coast of Maine with my wife and young son.

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