Mark Allen


Finance & Operations

Chief Financial Officer


My first experience of General Catalyst came when I worked at PwC. At that time, General Catalyst was just a year old. More than a decade later, I was reunited with the General Catalyst team when I joined them to manage the financial accounting, reporting and treasury functions. We’ve all grown a bit, but the spirit, energy and values that helped form General Catalyst are as vital as ever.

One of the best things about working with General Catalyst is the rich interaction across the various teams and among the highly varied individuals. On a daily basis, those of us in finance and operations work directly with the investment team to help support them and their entrepreneurs in many aspects of the business.

One of my roles is to utilize technology to increase efficiency – something many of our entrepreneurs are doing with their visionary businesses. We’re always looking for ways to streamline operations so our investment team has more time for our entrepreneurs and their companies. That makes this part of my job truly mission-driven, which only adds to how much I enjoy it.

I am a true New Englander, raised and educated in Vermont, and later attended Northeastern University for my MBA. I’m still able to beat my three young daughters down the ski slopes, and I enjoy a round of golf on the weekend.

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