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Pranay Orugunta grew up around healthcare, the child of two pediatricians, and enrolled in Johns Hopkins with one eye on medicine and the other on healthcare innovation. He soon decided on the latter, so he could affect whole populations rather than individual patients. Then he joined with other entrepreneurial students to launch an early-stage venture business to support local founders, A Level Capital, for which he was managing partner. After graduating he launched his career with one of his first portfolio companies, a digital pathology pioneer.

Then it was on to McKinsey where Pranay worked side by side with experts in healthcare across providers, payors, services, and life sciences. He came back to the investing side with TPG Capital, a private equity firm, working on healthcare buyouts and learning how to match maturing high-growth companies with successful exits. 

Pranay joined General Catalyst to help achieve its mission to transform healthcare from a “sick care” system to a resilient, proactive system designed to help people stay well, bend the cost curve through innovation, and make quality care more affordable and more accessible to all. He appreciates the opportunity to make a difference in a field he understands intuitively from childhood, whether that’s supporting new business models for value-based care or innovations that close gaps in existing models. He’s also excited to be working with portfolio companies again, as a seasoned partner with experience in both finance and operations.

Away from the office, Pranay spends time with his family and friends, enjoys following New York’s pro sports teams, and is starting to pick up mixology and boxing.

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