Applied Intuition

Disrupting the Automotive Supplier Industry
October 22, 2020
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Applied Intuition is on a mission to make it faster and easier to bring autonomy to the market.

Health care, financial services, defense, industrials: nearly every sector of the economy is undergoing a massive transformation driven by digital and software innovation. The automotive industry is no exception. The role of software within vehicles has increased and will continue to grow dramatically over the next decade. Deloitte estimates that the average vehicle content includes about 10% in software today, but will rise to 30% by 2030. We believe a Tier-1 software supplier will emerge to support this shift. And Applied Intuition can meet this need, not only for automotive but for all vehicles.

We are in the middle of a fascinating era where tech is building modern versions of iconic companies from the past century. And we as investors have been fortunate enough not only to see this unfold first hand but also to support many of the companies leading the charge. Since partnering with Anduril in 2017, we’ve seen the team take a novel approach to solving critical national defense and security problems. Samsara continues to advance fleet management and industrial IoT capabilities to deliver safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Applied Intuition is solving the challenges associated with bringing autonomy to the market by making it possible to test the safety, comfort, and performance of autonomous systems comprehensively and inexpensively.

The Technology
Applied Intuition is providing simulation and infrastructure tools to make autonomous vehicles safe for the world. Their Applied Development Platform enables customers to build production level autonomous systems safely and quickly. Their suite of products addresses various aspects of autonomous vehicle development, including planning, controls, prediction, and sensor simulations, continuous integration, and drive data management. These products combined create an end-to-end integrated development environment (IDE).

A dedicated software supplier for automotive does not exist today. Applied Intuition’s software not only analyzes data and algorithms for autonomous vehicles, but it can also run millions of tests quickly and overnight. By replicating real-world scenarios in a simulated environment, automakers can dramatically reduce the cost of development and time to market.

The Team
Qasar and Peter have assembled a spectacular team driven by product excellence. The team’s depth of experiences combines the best of Silicon Valley and Detroit to deliver a captivating software solution for the automotive industry and beyond. Bridging the gap between the automotive industry and software engineering talent enables Applied Intuition to provide a truly compelling product solution to auto OEMs’ most significant pain points.

Now operating globally across six markets, the team remains laser-focused on building the tools for delivering autonomous vehicles that have set the bar for the industry. With incredibly high caliber software engineers, Applied Intuition will no doubt continue to provide its customers with a feature-rich platform and a competitive edge.

We feel privileged to deepen our relationship with Qasar, Peter, and the entire team at Applied Intuition alongside our friends at Lux Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.

– Hemant & Team GC