Health Assurance

Congratulations, Livongo!

July 25, 2019
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Millions of people worldwide have been diagnosed with chronic conditions and most healthcare systems are not equipped to help them live their best lives. Fortunately, today we are at the beginning of an evolution in health care. One where data, technology, and science are converging to offer real-time, effective support for people with diabetes, hypertension, depression and other conditions. Livongo is at the forefront of this wave of innovation.

In 2013, Glen Tullman set out to build his next company in the healthcare space. He was coming into it with more than a decade of leadership in healthcare IT. And this time it was also personal: Like more than 30 million other Americans, Glen had first-hand experience with diabetes in his family. The goal was to develop mobile-first technologies that could ease the cognitive load that comes with living with chronic conditions, starting first with diabetes.

Glen came to the Valley to build out a world-class team that would couple health industry experience with the consumer-centric ethos of people building some of the biggest digital services in the world. The result is Livongo, a service that has achieved a product-market fit first and foremost with their members but almost equally as important, with healthcare payers. What the team has built here is a health platform that hits the trifecta: Livongo improves health metrics, saves money, and people love using it.

An IPO is a tremendous achievement and is a cause to celebrate. But it is not the end goal here. We are honored to have been with the Livongo team from the very beginning and are so proud of the hard work they’ve put in to get here. There’s so much more to accomplish in building this enduring company and we cannot wait to see what’s next. Onward, Livongo!

— Hemant Taneja & Team GC