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Globalizing Health Assurance

Sheba Medical Center Joins Our Health Assurance Ecosystem
June 14, 2023
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At General Catalyst, we believe radical collaboration between providers and the innovation ecosystem is healthcare’s salve that promotes proactive, affordable, and equitable care. This approach remedies the often disjointed and hurried forces that exacerbate the healthcare system’s wounds. Our efforts entail convening a visionary Health Assurance Ecosystem that includes our growing collective of 100+ Health Assurance portfolio companies, Catalyst Advisors, and strategic health systems partners across a spectrum of patient populations, specializations, care models, and geographies. Today, we are excited to welcome another innovative global health system, Israel’s Sheba Medical Center, to our Health Assurance Ecosystem.

Advancing Global Health Assurance

When we met with Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer at Sheba, we saw a partner equally energized by our mission to globalize Health Assurance through digital transformation. As an internationally lauded medical center with a differentiating innovation arm, Sheba is positioned to help drive patient outcomes with next-generation technology, including AI-powered tools. Sheba’s ARC (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) embodies our core value of radical collaboration as a space for startups, developers, corporations, scientists, academia, and investors to work together and seek to solve healthcare’s most pressing challenges. In addition, Sheba’s forthcoming Longevity Center underlines our Health Assurance tenant of proactive medicine. 

This partnership has four primary dimensions: strategic collaboration, co-creation, investment opportunities, and Sheba serving as an innovation sandbox for our portfolio companies. We envision Sheba leveraging our gamut of Health Assurance expertise to drive its digital transformation. We plan to lean into our designated Creation Strategy and co-create innovative solutions, as we have done with Commure, Homeward, and Hippocratic AI. Sheba will also provide an innovation sandbox to further the development of our portfolio companies, like Aidoc, and emerging technology platforms.

We look forward to introducing Sheba to our Health Assurance Ecosystem, crystalizing best practices from our collective wisdom, and catalyzing Health Assurance for all.