Creating a more proactive, affordable, & equitable system of care

Creating a more proactive, affordable, and equitable system of care

With an ongoing commitment to bring about meaningful change in service of a healthier society, we are shifting the paradigm from a “sick care” system to a value-oriented Health Assurance one — a system designed to help people stay well, bend the cost curve through innovation, and make quality care more affordable and accessible to all.

Health Assurance Companies

These companies are part of our growing Health Assurance network, businesses tackling today’s healthcare challenges head-on and designing solutions at the intersection of technology, healthcare, and pharma to support widespread, systematic change.
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Health Assurance Team

Our extended Health Assurance team is a multidimensional group of investors, technology innovators, and healthcare leaders with deep and diverse domain experience across the industry, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Our Health Assurance team is supported by a group of Catalyst Advisors including some of the most prominent talents in healthcare.

Catalyst Advisors