Our Investment in Luminai

Automation Allows Knowledge
June 9, 2022
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Over the past few years, the proliferation of SaaS has unlocked massive productivity gains in the workplace. But as software has become more specialized, the sheer number of tools a given worker uses on a daily basis has created a context-switching nightmare. And while employees have access to high quality experiences in consumer software – and increasingly expect the same experiences in the software they use at work – enterprise software has lagged behind. Employees need software that connects across tools, prevents context-switching, and offers the same high-quality user experience they get at home. We’re excited to back Luminai as they build this future.

Starting with customer success, Luminai is building the connective tissue between SaaS apps and workflows. Luminai’s insight is simple and powerful: automation allows knowledge workers to retain the gains of specialized tooling without suffering the drawbacks of context-switching. By making it easy to create automated workflows, Luminai adds leverage to every worker’s job. And in focusing on customer success, Luminai has identified the right subset of initial customers. We believe enterprises who invest in their customer experience will become the most enduring over time, and that those enterprises will use Luminai to drive that experience.

When we first met Kesava and Dmitry from Luminai, we were blown away by the clarity of their vision. Kesava has a unique background: from competing as a rubik’s cuber to sustaining himself on hackathons, Kesava is a uniquely determined individual. He and Dmitry have shown an incredible ability to iterate quickly and build software that deeply resonates with users.

We’re thrilled to have led Luminai’s Series A, along with our friends at Moxxie, Craft, YC Continuity, Underscore, Arash Ferdowsi, founder of Dropbox, Ryan Peterson, CEO of Flexport, Mathilde Collin, CEO of Front, Eric Glyman, CEO of Ramp, Alex Bouaziz, CEO of Deel, Shishir Mehrotra, CEO of Coda, Nicolas Dessaigne, former CEO of Algolia, Sarah Nahm, former CEO of Lever and more.