Quentin Clark


Investment Team

Managing Director


People who know me from my roles at Dropbox, SAP, and Microsoft might think of me as a strategy and management leader, but I started coding as a kid and came up as a software engineer. When I had a “gap year” between my last two enterprise jobs, I embraced the opportunity to get closer to the roots of the entrepreneurial world as a board member, advisor, and angel investor, so my experience ranges from teams of a few to teams of thousands – including the challenges that arise as you scale along that spectrum.

I joined General Catalyst to be more of a force multiplier by sharing what I’ve learned with more founders and leaders than I could inside any one company. The firm also is home to successful operators and systems thinkers who look to bend the course of entire industries, and even society, through responsible innovation. At the same time, I always have been “product first” so I feel true joy in helping other people succeed at designing, developing and proving out new products.

As an investor, I am looking for next-generation products that augment people’s ability to excel at our everyday work. Every business is running on an evolving set of platforms and applications that could do so much more to unleash creativity and collaboration. I’m also excited about making the tech world a richer source of solutions for healthier workplace cultures, such as by increasing diversity, equality, and inclusion. All these fields need more than a better app – we have to bring something big to make a difference.

I graduated majoring in Physics and Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I continue to support the university and established a scholarship for students pursuing multi-disciplinary study. When not working and reading, I'm most likely with family and friends, enjoying cooking, wine, movies, and my Australian Shepherds.