Our Investment in Zip Security

Ensuring Security at Any Scale
November 14, 2023
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There are a few problem spaces that present ever-renewing opportunities to build enduring companies. Security and the database spaces are two such examples. In many cases, opportunity is fueled by overlapping variables, but the security sphere is unique because what has to be protected and the methodology for how to do so are constantly evolving. This is good - as we see it, the only way to create enduring safety in cyber is to ensure that the product is as dynamic as the landscape demands.

But that makes us responsible to guarantee we get the protection we need. While that statement applies to consumers, it’s immensely critical for businesses - and all businesses, not just large ones. I think most of the world assumes that large businesses with industry IP are the sole targets of bad actors. But that is not the case - ransomware is an issue businesses of all scales face, but it’s also the case that smaller businesses are often sought as a vector of attack to larger businesses.

This means businesses of all sizes need the same level of protections warranted by the largest companies. Most businesses are facing the same threats. And yet smaller businesses don’t have CISOs and an entire security organization deploying and overseeing security software and policies - it’s not economically practical. This is a serious impedance mismatch.

How do we square this? Zip Security. That’s how we approach this at scale.

I first met Josh Zweig through my friends at Human Capital. At Palantir, he and his amazing co-founder Gabbi Merz, had a front row seat to the complexity of this space and building with intention. Further, he had developed a point of view on the economics of the industry, the need for protecting businesses of all sizes, etc. But it was still early in his thinking. I met him just a couple weeks later and he had already figured out an initial product use case, found co-design partner customers, connected with and onboarded Gabbi, and developed a longer-term vision for building an enduring company. That company is Zip Security.

Zip's software codifies the expert knowledge needed to run an enterprise cybersecurity program and makes it accessible in a layman-friendly interface. The Zip platform makes deploying, configuring, and continuously managing the variety of technologies required to build a robust security program seamless, helping plug gaps between technologies that often result in breaches. Through direct integration with software, Zip makes security accessible to organizations of all types without requiring a fully-fledged security team.

General Catalyst is excited to be working with Josh and the whole team at Zip. This is very much about the steel thread of leverage - this company is seeking to provide the leverage of large security systems and practice to any scale of business. We’re excited to be on this journey with Zip to usher in the future of enterprise security.

Fun fact - when I first met Josh he was calling the project “Ohm” - which is the measure of impedance!