Welcoming Quentin Clark to Team GC

October 16, 2019
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We’re at the very beginning of a massive transformation of how we work. From developers to marketers, data analysts to merchandisers, people’s day to day work is just starting to see the benefits play out that have been promised by the cloud, machine intelligence and user-centric design. This lag is, in part, because there are often far more complex systems involved when building for the enterprise.

The upside of complexity is that it begets opportunity. And luckily, we are welcoming someone to the team who is exceptionally steeped in these areas to explore those opportunities: Quentin Clark.

Quentin joins us as a managing director and with a bevy of operational experience at some of the most significant companies of our time in the enterprise software and SaaS spaces. Most recently, Quentin was CTO of Dropbox, a company that’s brought millions of consumers, teams, and business onto the cloud. As CTO, he was integral to taking the company public, leading the engineering, product, design, and growth teams throughout the process. Quentin also helped broaden the company’s portfolio with the HelloSign acquisition and the recent launch of their new team-oriented collaboration product, Dropbox Spaces.

Prior to Dropbox, Quentin spent nearly two decades with Microsoft, starting as a software engineer, then product manager, and eventually leading the entire family of data products — from Microsoft SQL Server, the BI products, no-SQL, and ML capabilities on-prem and in Azure. After Microsoft, Quentin joined SAP and helped to build the company’s growth strategy, first as their CTO, then leading strategy, corpdev, M&A and strategic partnerships. As a part of that role, he helped SAP spin-up an emerging business unit with a venture mindset for working directly with the startup community.

In short, from deep in the tech stack to user-facing collaborative work environments, Quentin’s deep experience means he understands what it takes to build and go to market with products and services that inform and innovate on how we get work done.

We’ve been incredibly lucky over the last several years to have Quentin be directly involved with many companies in our portfolio including Coda, Impira, Minio, and ThoughtSpot. Getting to know Quentin well through these companies has shown us that he is someone who can lead from go-to-market through growth and simultaneously understands how to develop leadership teams and strong company cultures.

In January, Quentin will join us in GC’s SF and Palo Alto offices and will focus on enterprise SaaS, software, and platforms that can be part of transforming the workplace. We look forward to welcoming Quentin to the GC team in the new year!