Our Investment in Remnote

The All-in-One Workspace
September 23, 2021
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As much as technology has transformed our everyday lives, there are some aspects where it hasn’t made as much of an impact as it should have. Education and knowledge management, though universal in its application, has not fully yet benefited from an increase in productivity and effectiveness based on a digital transformation. RemNote is looking to change that.

RemNote is the all-in-one workspace for note-taking, learning, organizing thoughts, and growing knowledge. RemNote’s unique insight is simple and powerful: spaced repetition, or repeated exposure to the information over a period of time, is the best way to learn new information. And yet where we learn — quiz and flash card apps — is completely siloed from where we collect information — note taking apps. By bringing these together, RemNote helps people increase and retain knowledge, better organize their thoughts and solve problems by building a life-long knowledge base. RemNote is building an online learning community to transform note taking into an active learning experience.

We chose to invest in RemNote because we believe they are well positioned to transform this space like never before. RemNote has seen incredible adoption from students who realize the value of collecting information and learning in the same place.

Second, we believe that RemNote’s potential extends beyond education and into a professional use case as well. As students graduate and enter the workforce, the need to have working memory of massive amounts of new knowledge does not decrease. In fact, many of the best professionals will want to continue to scale their knowledge as they enter the workforce. We believe RemNote can grow alongside these students and become their dedicated tool in the workplace, and can transform the note-taking space in modern enterprises as well.  

Finally, we were extremely impressed with the RemNote team. Martin and Moritz blew us away with their thoughtful approach to learning, their incredible iteration speed, and their impressive community of users.

We are thrilled to be leading RemNote’s seed round and look forward to partnering with them on fulfilling their mission to transform how people approach learning. Congratulations to the entire RemNote team on their achievement.