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Chris Bischoff

After dabbling in politics and journalism at university, I started my career in management consulting, where I helped clients develop compelling strategies to adapt to evolving market needs. After business school, I gravitated to investment banking, where I advised technology, media, and telecoms companies on structuring, financing, and executing transformational transactions.

I found my calling in investing in early-stage companies as it offers the challenge and reward of partnering with talented founders to build new and better businesses faster. As an investor, I have focused on addressing material, everyday under-served needs with innovative data-driven products and services. I am motivated by tackling challenges that matter, and by leveraging technology to create positive, enduring change.

Not surprisingly this approach led me to healthcare, where every interaction involves important choices, costs, and outcomes, and the system needs to become more sustainable - affordable, accessible, equitable, empathetic, and effective. It also led me to initially partner with and then join General Catalyst. I experienced first hand the firm’s maker mentality at Livongo and the desire to serve those most in need at Cityblock. The General Catalyst ethos of radical collaboration is also well suited to healthcare, where entrepreneurs and traditional players need to work together to reinvent the future.

Two of the most important macro themes of the next decade will be the transformation of healthcare and the development of Europe into a technologically-driven economy. I could not be more excited by the opportunity to bring to bear the General Catalyst platform to support entrepreneurs in making a difference in these areas.

Whilst European, I consider myself a citizen of the world: I was born in Hong Kong, my parents are German and English, my wife is French and I have worked in the U.K., Europe, the U.S. and South East Asia. This is lucky as I work across multiple time zones and countries each day.

To clear my head, I spend time with family, read, travel, and play competitive sport. My family is actively involved in promoting ambitious environmental change and opening up higher education to less-privileged people from developing countries.

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