Genevieve Kinney


Investment Team


I was fortunate to study Government and Culture and Politics at Georgetown before entering the world of finance. This background gave me a strong appreciation for the complex and diverse influences that drive different cultures, organizations and people.

When I started my career, I was immediately drawn to the dynamism and similarly multifaceted complexity of the equity markets. Equity markets respond to, and are influenced by, a myriad of seemingly disparate factors - financial performance, macro economics, global politics, investor psychology and trading technicals. In order to fully understand this market, you need to acknowledge and appreciate these drivers not as distinct contributors, but rather, for their comprehensive and holistic impact. 

During my time covering technology companies in Equity Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley, I learned that the best investors were not only able to analyze financial performance, but similarly, thought critically and holistically about companies, industries and markets. That perspective served me well working on innovative listing processes with companies from São Paulo to Silicon Valley, and thanks to my early education at Georgetown, I was able to appreciate the unique histories and people that inform each company’s growth trajectory and path to the public market. 

At General Catalyst, I help support many of our later-stage portfolio companies and assess new investment opportunities across stages and sectors informed by macro research and perspectives on how the world is evolving. In particular, I seek investments in climate and energy as part of GC's Global Resilience strategy. Global Resilience is a proactive response to re-globalization by modernizing critical industries - from climate and energy to defense and intelligence. General Catalyst has deep and informed knowledge about how tech and tech-enabled businesses develop, scale, and evolve, and I look forward to helping today’s most innovative entrepreneurs and companies grow and maximize their impact.

Outside of work, I love exploring foreign countries and the endless cultural opportunities available in a city as diverse as New York, where I serve as co-chair of the Metropolitan Museum’s organization for engaging younger philanthropists.  Away from travel and culture, I love to ski, swim and am endeavoring to become a (better) runner!