Guissu Baier

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San Francisco
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Deeply motivated by root cause problem solving and responsibly creating the workplaces of the future, Guissu leads General Catalyst’s efforts to bring insights, thought partnership and strategic people programs to its portfolio companies.  

Guissu launched her career as an employment attorney at a global law firm and continued  in-house with payment company Visa before joining Instacart as its first employment counsel. In that role, she wore many hats from leading diversity initiatives, coalition-building on key policy issues, and navigating the complexities of engaging with an independent workforce. Intrigued by the intersection of people and business strategy, she leaned into becoming an operator and joined Instacart’s Executive team as its first VP of Human Resources.

Her enthusiasm for working with early-stage companies and entrepreneurial spirit inspired Guissu to found her own consulting firm where she partnered with and advised start-ups and VC firms on all aspects of people practices and cultivating culture. 

As a first-generation Iranian-American and student of global studies and economics, Guissu was raised to develop a nuanced world view. General Catalyst’s mission and determination to create and fund companies that drive both financial and societal impact speaks to both her passions and purpose.

In her free time, Guissu spends time with her husband and two ambitious daughters. Together, they enjoy playing tennis, exploring nature and traveling the world. Supporting local efforts on education and the cutting-edge innovation sponsored by the Foundation for Fighting Blindness are causes near and dear to her family’s hearts.