Juliet Bailin

Investment Team


I was first compelled to work in technology while studying History at university.  At their best, historians are investigators seeking new insights from data, identifying patterns in unfolding events and seeing trends evolve across geographies. These are skills achieved over years of patient, committed study.

That insight led me to the start of my  venture capital career at Insight Partners in New York. There, I learned how history reflects  tech and investing: major changes require a confluence of factors, timing influences the adoption of new technology, and breakthrough business models often have to break down systemic barriers to progress.

After partnering with innovative management teams in healthcare and edtech, I moved to London to join Mosaic Ventures and support earlier-stage entrepreneurs in Europe’s hypergrowth start-up ecosystem. Experiencing the full range of investment activities – sourcing, exits, M&A, board work – deepened my commitment to the industry. I joined General Catalyst because it is a mission-driven firm that deeply values diversity of thought and opinion.

My focus areas include enterprise software and healthcare. I spend much of my time thinking about how work is changing for Enterprises and SMBs. As distributed work becomes commonplace, businesses need infrastructure that empowers any team member, no matter where they are, to do their work effectively in real time. This means better real-time data management, better testing, better incident management, and workflows that scale. Equally important are collaborative layers to keep teams coordinated - what we call the Stakeholder Aligned Enterprise. Separately, I have dug my heels into deep learning applications, working with founders applying cutting edge algorithms to previously unsolved problems. With great compute comes great responsibility.

Away from work, I relax with historical fiction, musical theater, weight lifting, and making risotto for friends and family. Through an organization called Diversity VC, I’m working to  make the venture industry more accessible so that we can drive wealth creation in communities with limited connections to today’s venture ecosystem.