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At General Catalyst, Marc is part of GC’s fintech/crypto investment team. Marc focuses on early stage investing across both crypto and fintech, as well as building out the creation strategy. Additionally, he contributes to GC’s expanding AI efforts.

Marc’s core areas of interest include: (1) security and data infrastructure (2) startup tooling platforms that make building a software, and especially financial services, company easier, such as authentication/identity products, crypto on-ramps, automation tools for tax/compliance/accounting; (3) the intersection of fintech and crypto, specifically platforms that leverage both decentralized technologies as well as fintech best practices on UI/UX, user acquisition, and compliance, and (4) building from zero to one, and starting companies and getting first hire, product, client, distribution deal.

Prior to joining GC, Marc spent years as a founder-operator with an emphasis on new fintech, AI, and crypto technologies. Marc co-founded Tagomi, one of the first institutional prime brokerage for digital assets (Coinbase purchased Tagomi in 2020).

As an angel investor, Marc worked closely with founders on sales, distribution, and fundraising, investing from his family office in early stage fintech, crypto, and AI/start-up tooling companies. Earlier, Marc worked at Airbnb, Castanea Partners, and McKinsey, with a focus in business operations and investment analysis.

Marc received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 2016 and graduated from Harvard College in 2008.

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