Vedant Suri


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Born into a family with strong entrepreneurial roots, Vedant immigrated to Canada from India at a young age. Observing his parents build their lives in a new environment instilled in him the importance of grit, tenacity and a healthy dose of irreverence for the status quo. He attended the Ivey Business School in Canada where he studied cognitive neuroscience and finance. His goal, he says, was to understand how complex systems work and to gain a deeper appreciation for how both people and companies adapt and grow. 

Completing summer internships in Y Combinator, with Goldman Sachs, and spending time with budding entrepreneurs solidified Vedant’s desire to help create and foster emerging companies. Vedant made his move into investing with CapitalG (Alphabet's growth investment fund), where he focused on investments in B2B SaaS and data infrastructure. Prior to this, he spent a number of years with the Boston Consulting Group, primarily in the technology and private equity arenas. 

With General Catalyst, Vedant focuses on enterprise software across stages and is passionate about product-led software companies helmed by founders who have a deep understanding of the problems they're solving. He chose the firm in part because of its rich heritage of working closely with founders and management teams. He considers it a great privilege to be a partner to teams navigating the ups and downs of company building.

Vedant’s love of travel has taken him to more than 40 countries with his most recent adventure being a 85-mile trek in Patagonia. He roots for Chelsea in the English Premier League, enjoys smooth jazz, and gives back to his community in accordance with the Sanskrit term “seva,” or selfless service. 

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