Hello, San Francisco!

March 15, 2017
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There’s an undeniable energy in San Francisco today. Companies like Airbnb and Stripe have helped to revive the latent entrepreneurial spirit in the City by the Bay. And it’s percolating with activity and opportunity here.

General Catalyst first expanded west in 2011. With a world-class university nearby and a small city feel, Palo Alto was the natural place for us to put down roots. Among the entrepreneur community, we quickly began to establish ourselves as a firm that brought the best of the east to meet the best of the west. From our office in Palo Alto, we’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to invest in companies like Snap, Gusto, Illumio, and Anomali.

But as the pace of innovation and creation in San Francisco picked up, we’ve found ourselves spending more and more time heading north to meet with founders in cafes, co-working spaces, and in their own offices. This worked well for forging new relationships and finding new teams to partner with, but it never felt quite whole to the GC way of doing things.

At GC, we have a long tradition of helping entrepreneurs start companies. We work with exceptional founders and are especially keen on those who are looking for long-term collaboration. The foundation for these relationships is often laid within our own offices. In fact, our offices in Palo Alto, New York City, and Cambridge were all built out with this in mind and feature spaces for founders to grow their teams and ideas from the earliest of stages. We absolutely wanted to bring that same collaborative spirit to San Francisco.

We knew the ideal GC space would be open and interactive with plenty of areas for people to gather and work together. We wanted it to feel equally comfortable for hosting a brainstorming session, a board meeting or a lively dinner for 12. That place for us is 2 South Park.

We’re certainly not the first VC to open an office in San Francisco’s South Park. It’s been a buzzing hub of startups, venture firms, and astonishing long lines for a cup of coffee for a while now. But we aim to be additive to the neighborhood and the larger San Francisco community. We welcome meeting friends, founders, and the extended General Catalyst family at our little corner of the park.

Our office is enlivened with works from local artists including Chris Fraser, Kirk Maxson, Joe Ferriso, and Rachelle Reichert.