Mayfield Joins the Velocity Network

February 6, 2018
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A year ago we launched the Velocity Network, a platform that we — CRV and General Catalyst — built together to provide senior IT decision makers with access to the emerging technologies and leading companies shaping the tech landscape. The idea was catalyzed by our portfolio company founders who expressed a strong desire for a platform that provided access to NY-based customers, the home of many financial, insurance, security, retail, media, and broader Fortune 500 companies. Together, we saw this as a unique opportunity to launch a differentiated platform in New York that would add significant value to our portfolio companies and both of our firms over the long-term.

Over the past year, we’ve facilitated over 350 meetings between our portfolio companies and enterprise decision makers through the Velocity Network. We’ve hosted over a dozen theme-based sessions ranging from Cloud Infrastructure to Data Analytics & AI to Next-Gen Retail Technology, which were attended by CIOs, heads of data, VPs of security and other IT leaders of Fortune 500 companies. By all accounts, it’s been a good year.

But in true CRV and GC fashion, we aren’t comfortable with simply being comfortable. Velocity has the potential to reach many more enterprises and help countless more emerging tech companies make connections with the decision makers who can both inform their product development and purchase the products they are creating to redefine industries.

Our friends at Mayfield have been working with the enterprise community for quite some time through a network they’ve developed called the Mayfield CXO Network. This network was designed to help Mayfield’s portfolio companies get early feedback on their product roadmaps and development and ultimately, early validation on their market offerings and differentiation. Through programs such as corporate innovation briefings, CIO insight forums, and CEO briefings, the CXO Network has been hugely valuable to the Mayfield portfolio of companies, and also to the global corporations belonging to the CXO Network that are seeking new ideas and technologies to bring into their organizations for the purposes of both innovation and efficiency.

“Mayfield is thrilled to announce the expansion of our portfolio services business development initiative by formalizing our partnership with the Velocity Network”, said Navin Chaddha, Managing Director, Mayfield. “Our existing west coast-based Mayfield CXO Network focuses on early market feedback from CXOs and has been very effective, while the Velocity Network is gaining momentum as a NYC-based platform for market adoption — they complement each other perfectly and together will be a valuable offering in our portfolio services.”

As we look to take Velocity to the next level in 2018, it only made perfect sense to collaborate with Mayfield; our platform is a natural extension of their CXO Network, and their model for engaging CIOs, CISOs, CTOs and CMOs is incredibly valuable to Velocity as we continue to scale and grow. The fact that they are a people-first principled firm also weighed heavily into our decision to move forward together and we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome them into the Velocity family.

More information is available on the Velocity Network website (, along with membership applications for startups and invitation requests for enterprises.