Our Investment in Tractian

Empowering Maintenance Professionals Globally with Technology
August 7, 2023
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Manufacturing plays a pivotal role as an engine for global economic growth. The sector typically represents ~10-20% of a nation’s GDP and contributes to technological advancements and innovation, spurring research and development in various fields from materials science to automation and robotics. Traditionally, manufacturing has been perceived as a labor-intensive sector, overshadowing the significant role that technology can play in optimizing processes and driving efficiency. 

In Tractian, we have found a team determined to change this narrative and revolutionize the role of the maintenance professional with technology, at a global scale.

Tractian’s industrial operations platform helps maintenance professionals monitor the health of critical machines and aims to prevent unplanned downtime, giving them comprehensive oversight of their operations. The majority of plants still operate on reactive maintenance strategies which means that when a piece of equipment fails, a work order is issued and the machine receives attention. When this is a critical piece of equipment however, its failure can cause manufacturing on an entire line to stop, which can be a large and avoidable cost.

Through intelligent sensors affixed to industrial assets, Tractian can collect real-time data that is used to identify operating issues and predict mechanical and electrical failures. Rather than simply alerting operators, the software articulates prescriptive actions operators can take to fix issues and prevent downtime. Tractian’s solution is already making a significant impact across various sectors at companies such as John Deere, Bosch, Hyundai, and Goodyear, among several others.

Tractian’s founders – Igor Marinelli, Gabriel Lameirinhas and Leonardo Vieira – are no strangers to this industry, having been raised around manufacturing plants from a young age. CEO & founder Igor draws inspiration from his diverse heritage as the son of migrants and factory workers from Brazil and Italy. Igor grew up witnessing his father's struggles as a maintenance technician—this ignited Igor's passion for implementing change in this space. We are incredibly proud to partner with a team that is laser focused on building revolutionary products for their users and bringing innovation to often overlooked industries. 

As a global company, the team is spread across the United States, Mexico and Brazil. They have served over 500 industries, and more than 1,000 facilities worldwide. 

Today we’re excited to announce we are leading Tractian’s $45M Series B fundraise as they continue to expand rapidly across geographies and launch their AI-assisted product offering. We are thrilled to have them join GC and look forward to supporting these tremendous founders on their journey to building a company of consequence.