Trevor Oelschig


Investment Team

Managing Director


My investment thesis is simple: look for opportunities in individuals. Specifically, I’m most interested in people who live — and have an intrinsic understanding of — the business they’re building. They’re not shy about it either. Their aim is to build companies that have the potential to move markets.

I invest in software companies, especially those built by founders who are user-focused. My interests span products that bring operational improvements to businesses, big and small, as well as the underlying picks & shovels that help developers build great software and keep systems up and running. At GC, I work with the teams at Aura, Contentful, Fivetran, Grammarly, Housecall, Loom, and Mosaic. Before joining General Catalyst, I spent nine years at Bessemer where I invested in a number of companies.

I am originally from South Africa (Adam Valkin and I are trying our best to make a trend of this) but landed in Orange County when I immigrated to the US as a kid. I studied engineering at both Berkeley and Stanford and have an MBA from The Wharton School.

Palo Alto