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Trevor Oelschig

Trevor Oelschig
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Trevor Oelschig

“As venture investors, we are invited guests to your journey. The most important role we play is to be the first call, not just when things are going great… but especially when there are hard problems to solve.”

My investment thesis is simple: look for opportunities in individuals. Specifically, I’m most interested in people who live — and have an intrinsic understanding of — the business they’re building. They’re not shy about it either. Their aim is to build companies that have the potential to move markets.

I invest in software companies, especially those built by founders who are user-focused. My interests span products that bring operational improvements to businesses, big and small, as well as the underlying picks & shovels that help developers build great software and keep systems up and running. At GC, I work with the teams at Aura, Contentful, Fivetran, Grammarly, Housecall, Loom, and Mosaic.

Before joining General Catalyst, I spent nine years at Bessemer where I invested in and/or served on the boards of 2U (NASDAQ: TWOU), Clio, Instructure (NYSE: INST), PagerDuty (NYSE: PD), Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), Zopa, and Zapier.

I am originally from South Africa (Adam Valkin and I are trying our best to make a trend of this) but landed in Orange County when I immigrated to the US as a kid. I studied engineering at both Berkeley and Stanford and have an MBA from The Wharton School.

Full list of investments can be found here.