General Catalyst

The Next Chapter of Our Innovation
February 4, 2016
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Today, we announce General Catalyst Group VIII, L.P. and General Catalyst Group VIII Supplemental, L.P. with $845 million in commitments, bringing our total capital raised to approximately $3.75 billion. We are fortunate to work with world-class investors, many of whom have placed their trust in us since our inception. They’ve empowered us to approach our relationships with founders in the same deliberate way, building extraordinary companies over time.

General Catalyst is a national firm founded on a single philosophy: entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs. Our mandate continues to be simple: create a firm that we would want to work with — one that has deep empathy for entrepreneurs and the challenges that come with building a business, encourages creativity and fun, and prioritizes relationships above all. We apply these values to early-stage investing, including the companies we “hatch” or start from the ground up in collaboration with founders, and our transformational investments often executed through our XIR strategy, which provides entrepreneurs and former CEOs the opportunity to transform an existing business at an inflection point or hatch a new start-up business as the next chapter of their careers.

With offices in Boston, Palo Alto and New York, we have built an active presence in epicenters of innovation, but also are well-prepared to follow smart, ambitious entrepreneurs wherever they may lead us. We dedicate our resources across the U.S. to helping exceptional founders through their entrepreneurial journeys at the inception of an idea or an inflection point of a business.

Our newest funds are an important milestone; they enable us to keep doing what we love — both as entrepreneurs and investors: identifying exceptional people and helping them achieve success through their brilliant, extraordinary ideas.

Whether you are a first-time founder at the inception-stage of your entrepreneurial career or at an inflection point looking to transform your business, it would be a privilege to work with you. Our team will immerse you in our ecosystems in Boston, New York and Silicon Valley, leveraging our collective resources across the country to help you build an epic business. We will push you as hard as we push ourselves to innovate, think long-term and trust in yourself and your team. We can’t wait to meet you and help you on your journey.