Alexa Liautaud


Investment Team


Alexa Liautaud is an investor at General Catalyst, a venture capital firm that partners with founders from seed through growth stages and beyond to build companies that withstand the test of time. At GC, Alexa invests in enterprise and consumer companies, with a particular focus on founders solving society’s most pressing problems. She focuses on GC’s Global Resilience thesis to modernize critical sectors, from national security to media, to modern manufacturing and logistics. She is based in New York. 

Prior to joining GC, Alexa was a journalist reporting on complex and investigative topics at NBC News. Her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Vice. As a journalist and investor alike, Alexa reflects the importance of perceiving the present with unclouded clarity, navigating disparate sources to discern opportunity, and building authentic empathy with founders from all over the world. Alexa is actively involved with the following GC companies: Helsing, Magma, Evvy, and several unannounced. 

Alexa graduated from Stanford University with a BA (hons) in History and Minor in Middle Eastern Languages. She wrote her honors thesis on the U.S. counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan and conducted research for Col. Joe Felter at Stanford’s CISAC. She received a master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia Journalism School and an MBA from Stanford University.

New York