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Trevor Oelschig

“As venture investors, we have invited guests to your journey. The most important role we can play is to be the first-call, not just when things are going great… but especially when there are hard problems to solve.”

My investment thesis is simple: look for opportunities in individuals. Specifically, I’m most interested in people who live — and have an intrinsic understanding of — the business they’re building. They’re not shy about it either. Their aim is to create a fundamentally better consumer experience to take on an established market or to create an entirely new one.

At General Catalyst, I focus on the application layer with special attention paid to user-centric products with a sneaky potential to become hugely useful in enterprises. I also spend time on the underlying picks & shovels that help developers build great software and keep systems up and running.

Before joining General Catalyst, I spent nine years at Bessemer where I worked with Clio, Instructure (NYSE: INST), PagerDuty, Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), 2U (NASDAQ: TWOU), and Zopa.

I am originally from South Africa (Adam Valkin and I are trying our best to make a trend of this), but landed in Orange County when I immigrated to the U.S. as a kid. I studied engineering at both Berkeley and Stanford and have an MBA from The Wharton School.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, sailing, and rediscovering old vinyl… and satisfying my curiosity about, well, just about everything.

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