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Zeynep Yavuz

When I left Turkey to study economics at the University of Chicago, I knew that my native country lacked the venture investing ecosystem that could have helped my entrepreneur parents build their technology company. I decided to help that change by becoming an investor, focusing on underserved regions and countries.

I began my career in tech investment banking at Merrill Lynch in New York, then moved to the investing side with the global growth fund TA Associates in London. There I learned how to build trust with entrepreneurs from varied backgrounds and nationalities, many of whom had not previously considered venture capital or private equity to support their growth. During my MBA at Harvard I recognized the importance of operating experience to support entrepreneurs. I joined the product team at the cross-border payments company WorldRemit, experiencing how fintech was enabling emerging economies in Africa to leapfrog conventional banking systems.

At General Catalyst, I focus on fintech and crypto. While Europe is my base, I work with early-stage companies globally, especially in emerging markets.

Outside of work, I’ve been involved with CISV International, a UNESCO organization that brings together children from different nationalities to develop cultural understanding. I’m a big lover of open water swimming and when the wind is blowing I never miss the chance to go kitesurfing.

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