Health Assurance

Our Co-Creation of Hippocratic AI

Powering Health Assurance with a Safety-First Large Language Model
May 16, 2023
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At General Catalyst, our Creation Strategy has always been a driving force behind our mission to create enduring, impactful change. We believe that solving the world’s most complex and pressing problems requires radical collaboration between bold entrepreneurs, visionary industry leaders, and experienced investors from inception to build category-defining companies. It’s why we co-created companies like Livongo, Commure, TendoHomeward, Paradigm, among others.

Today, we are thrilled to join forces with Munjal Shah and his exceptional co-founders, our Health Assurance Ecosystem, and Andreessen Horowitz to co-create Hippocratic AI. As what we believe to be the first-of-its-kind AI platform, Hippocratic converges our collective vision of Health Assurance, Workforce Transformation, and Responsible Innovation to make healthcare more proactive, affordable, and equitable through responsible Healthcare General Intelligence (HGI).

Over the past decade, we have seen step-function improvements in clinical intelligence and workflow automation. AI has started to demonstrate its potential to make healthcare more accurate, resilient, and accessible. We are fortunate to have partnered with platform companies that have been at the leading-edge of this intersectional frontier, including Aidoc, Beacon, Curai, Memora, Overjet, PathAI, and TripleBlind

And yet, despite the promise of AI, it has remained an under-deployed technology in healthcare. The NBER estimates that wider AI adoption in US healthcare could lead to 5 to 10% in savings, translating into $200 billion to $360 billion annually. Slow adoption has been linked to a number of factors, including challenges to accessing data, integrating into workflows, collecting evidence to secure reimbursement, navigating regulation, and most importantly, building trust with clinicians.

As ChatGPT made its way into the hands of patients and care teams, the industry crossed the Rubicon and embraced the irreversible path of AI-enabled life. Like many, we see foundation models as the transformative AI platform that healthcare has been waiting for: a way to fundamentally increase the supply and scalability of healthcare professionals. But as we recently wrote in our Responsible AI Manifesto, we must now exercise forethought to guardrail against unintended consequences.

When we started discussing this effort with Munjal Shah, a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record in machine learning and healthcare, we saw a partner who recognized trust as the running currency in the industry. We aligned that a safety-first, human-first approach to foundation model development and deployment was indispensable. Beyond intentionally addressing technical challenges like privacy, bias, and reliability, we are proud to see the Hippocratic team collaborating with key ecosystem stakeholders to certify their models and develop the right governance framework for Responsible HGI. 

Hippocratic’s emergence from stealth marks a transformative step forward toward a more sustainable healthcare system. We invite all founders and healthcare innovators who share our belief to sign up for early access and join us in building this trusted AI platform for healthcare.