Artificial Intelligence

Our Investment in Mistral AI

An open future for intelligence. Un avenir ouvert pour l’intelligence. Eine offene Zukunft für Intelligenz.

Today, we are thrilled to join forces with Mistral to embrace an open future for intelligence. Mistral converges our vision of Workforce Transformation, Global Resilience, and Responsible Innovation to make the critical industries of our economy and our society more resilient through a trustworthy, transparent artificial intelligence platform.  

At General Catalyst, open source principles have been the cornerstone of our mission to invest in enduring, impactful change. We believe solving the world’s most complex and pressing problems requires radical collaboration, a mindset that open source communities embody. By inviting developers to influence the direction of critical infrastructure, open source fosters innovation through open standards and interoperability, and establishes trust through transparency. We are proud to have partnered with many iconic companies that share our vision, including GitLab, MinIO, Modular, Neon, and Sonar, among others.

Over the past year, we have all witnessed a step-function improvement in the abilities of artificial intelligence, unleashing the largest wave of innovation since the early years of the internet. We are fortunate to have partnered with platform companies at the cutting edge of this sea change, including Adept, Helsing, and Hippocratic. And yet, as we have written before in our Manifesto for Responsible AI, we believe enduring AI adoption and progress requires a key ingredient that the ecosystem today lacks: trust. Trust in the human experts developing this technology. Trust in the underlying data, models, and tools. Trust in the brand serving them. 

In Mistral, we saw a foundation model company built on the principles of open source, with trust as its North Star. Mistral co-founders Arthur, Guillaume, and Tim – through their leadership in developing frontier models such as LLaMA, Chinchilla, Retro, and Flamingo – have already empowered thousands of developers and researchers with open source science and technology. We believe it is through these experiences, and with the incredible team they have assembled to date, that they have been able to develop a vibrant open source community whose collective imagination not only accelerates the rate of adoption and progress of AI, but also ensures the robust design of guardrails for the broader ecosystem. 

We congratulate Mistral on taking another important step forward toward an open future for intelligence. And we extend an “open” invitation to all global leaders who share our belief to join us in building high integrity, high trust applications through Mistral’s AI platform.