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Adam Valkin

“I have the most fun working with entrepreneurs with strong product DNA and an ability to anticipate and facilitate contemporary consumer phenomena while building the brands of the future. My background is strongly international, so I look for opportunities that go beyond borders.”

I focus on consumer and SMB-oriented businesses with an emphasis on mobile-first applications. The companies I have been involved with at General Catalyst include BrainlyCCP (acquired by Pearl Abyss in October 2018), ClassPass, Deliveroo, Fundbox, Giphy, Monzo, RapydRebagSuper Evil Megacorp, TrussVroom, and WayUp.

If you’re pursuing ideas in next-generation online marketplaces, alternative finance, mobile applications for consumers and SMBs, and gaming, we can have a great conversation because those are the areas that interest me most.

I have worked with entrepreneurs for almost 20 years since my first job at a venture-backed startup in Boston in 1996. In this time I have gained valuable experience at startups, with incumbents, and in the venture. I have also had the opportunity to co-found two companies with successful exits, LOVEFiLM (acquired by Amazon) and Propertyfinder (acquired by REA).

I was born in South Africa and came to the U.S. to attend college. I graduated with a degree in economics from Harvard University and have been active as an investor and operator in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. I lived in London for 14 years and now split my time between Boston and New York with visits to California, the U.K., and Israel. One of the things I bring to entrepreneurs is a reality-based outlook on how to scale businesses internationally.

Outside of work, you’re likely to find me on the tennis court or in a fitness class, enjoying food, wine and travel, and spending time with the four women in my life: my wife and three daughters.