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Hemant Taneja

“I like to operate with fundamental trust and friendship with the founders we invest in. It’s a true privilege to work with people who are doing well by doing good in the world.”

I focus on working with founders who are building technology companies with an authentic mission. A mission-driven company usually requires an investor with patience and long-term perspective, and I feel those are my core strengths.

My investment thesis is based on an overall view that 21st century businesses will thrive on Economies of Unscale, and there is an incredible opportunity to redesign most application workflows with first principles.

My investments at General Catalyst include Latent Space, ClassDojo, Fractyl, Grammarly, Gusto, Highfive, Livongo (NASDAQ: LVGO), Mindstrong, Nova Credit, Samsara, Snap (NYSE: SNAP), Stripe, ThoughtSpot, Color Genomics, and TuneIn. I also direct the GC Stripe Platform Fund, a $10 million initiative to help start new ventures that are built on top of the Stripe Connect platform.

I wound up with five degrees from MIT because I was hoping to pursue an academic career: Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (BS and MS), Operations Research (MS), Mathematics (BS), Biology & Biomedical Engineering (BS). In hindsight, that was excellent training for being a venture capitalist because I am always curious about new areas of innovation.

Alongside my work here at General Catalyst, I founded Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), an organization focused on transforming energy policy in America. I am also a board member of Khan Academy, whose mission is to provide free world-class education for everyone. I have regularly taught students at MIT and at Stanford University with a focus on helping them find impactful problems to work on.