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Dr. Steve Herrod

“Applications, especially consumer-centric ones, receive the most publicity, but I prefer infrastructure- and developer-centric companies that enable these amazing new experiences. Enabling and accelerating the entire technology world… that’s leverage and that’s impact!”

I focus on companies aspiring to deliver significant advances to developers and to computing infrastructure. The thornier the problems, the better! I am an active board member at Anomali, Armorblox, Contrast Security, Curai, Espressive, Illumio, Menlo Security, and Preempt Security and former board member of RiskRecon (acquired by MasterCard) and SignalFx (acquired by Splunk). I love working with other General Catalyst companies as well. I am also active with HeavyBit Industries, a community for developer-centric entrepreneurs.

Prior to General Catalyst, I was CTO and senior vice president of R&D at VMware. I worked on the underlying technology in graduate school and joined the company in 2001… what a journey. I had an incredible experience as we built a world-class engineering team with 3,000 people, delivered numerous industry-changing products, and achieved over $4 billion in annual revenue. I also played a role in more than 20 acquisitions. I want to help new companies achieve similar success, with an eye particularly toward building world-class engineering teams and strategic product plans.

Prior to VMware, I was heavily focused on the lowest levels of the hardware/software interface. Examples include co-leading the development of an x86-compatible CPU using “Code Morphing” at Transmeta Corporation and helping architect the MIPS R10000 processor at SGI.

I graduated with a Ph.D. and MS degree in computer science from Stanford University and a BA from the University of Texas at Austin. I’m from Dallas (Go, Cowboys!) and live on the Peninsula with my wife and three kids.


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